Lunch Box Snack Hacks That Make Going Back to School Easy

Lunch Box Snack Hacks That Make Going Back to School Easy

Homemade Jam for PB&JAfter a long, hot summer packed with fun activities and lazy days lying around the house, going back to school is exciting and a little bit scary. When your kids are used to eating throughout the day when they want, they get hungry quickly at school and find themselves with waning energy. A healthy, filling lunch is key to their success in the classroom and on the playground. We know how hard it is to find fun, new ideas for school lunches, so we are here to lend a hand. Rader Farms berries can be used to make a variety of fun snack foods that will make your kids excited about bringing lunch from home.

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

Getting kids to eat their suggested amounts of fruits and veggies every day can be a serious headache for any mom or dad. Send these muffins as a snack or even as a treat in your child’s lunch. The best thing is they won’t even know they are eating something healthy because the sweet taste makes it seem like dessert! You can find the recipe here.

Tasty Jam for PB&J

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are a staple for kids all over and consistently something they love to eat. It’s even better when the sandwich is filled with homemade jam made from fresh berries from Rader Farms. Choose from strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or a mixture of all to make delicious jam your kids will love. Your kids can also eat jam on waffles and toast before school, and you rest easy knowing your kids are getting the fruits they need to be healthy.

Alternative to Sugary Snacks

It’s common knowledge that most kids love fruit leather. Unfortunately, they are often full of preservatives and ingredients that aren’t great for your kids. Use berries from Rader Farms to make healthy fruit leather to include in every lunch instead. This is the perfect snack for both the kids at school and those at home, and it’s just filling enough that it will hold off the hunger a little longer. Choose from our assortment of berries to make the fruit leather of your choice.

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We know how often moms and dads fight the battle of lunch boxes and their ingredients, and we want to help. Our fresh berries provide a healthy, tasty alternative to the same old lunches that your kids grow tired of quickly. Browse our selection of fresh berries. We are confident there is a combination your family will love.