Tips to get Kids’ Help in the Kitchen

Tips to get Kids’ Help in the Kitchen

Cooking with fatherAre you ready for the kids to be home constantly during winter break? You’ll be even busier taking care of them, and you will likely be in the kitchen a lot more often. Now is the time to get your kids helping around the house with various chores, including cooking. Here are three easy things you can do to allow kids of all ages to help you out in the kitchen.

1. Assign Age-Appropriate Duties

The tasks your kids can accomplish vary widely depending on their ages. Toddlers can help mix, stir, and pour pre-measured ingredients. By the time kindergarten comes around, kids can usually start making scrambled eggs and chopping soft fruits and veggies with plastic knives–with supervision, of course. A simple task for kids around the age of six is making toast. Why not let them have a sense of responsibility even if it’s something small? Once they get older, they can start cleaning dishes. Make sure children are supervised during each activity.

2. Make It Fun

If you make helping out in the kitchen feel like a boring chore, your kids will be less motivated to help. Younger children can be persuaded if you make it into a game. For example, you can tell your kids that vegetables need a “bath” when you want them to wash vegetables. Kids also tend to enjoy husking corn, which makes it the perfect activity to delegate. Give your kids a lot of praise when they contribute to making meals. It will make them feel responsible and cause them to want to help more in the future.

3. Make Food They Love

We all know how much kids love chicken nuggets. Show them you don’t have to go out to get them. You can enlist your kids to cover pieces of chicken in breadcrumbs. Start a build-your-own-pizza night where your kids get to decide what toppings they want. If you want to cozy up with some hot chocolate, skip the powder and microwave and show the kids how to make their own from scratch. Taco Tuesday is always a go-to activity. You can have the kids set up an assembly line of taco toppings so everyone can customize her or his own taco.

Making food with your kids can take some of the stress out of your day and also bring your family together. Rader Farms® wants to help you create a family-oriented kitchen where everyone can get involved and have fun while doing it.