Choose Frozen

Frozen Berries in Metal Bowl

When Rader Farms berries are frozen, the technique used insures a product that is beautiful in appearance and high in health and nutritional value.

Researchers have concluded that fruits and vegetables don’t have to be fresh to be nutritious. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, frozen produce might even be more nutritious than fresh items whose nutrients have been diminished through shipping and long storage.

The FDA Agrees.

“The agency concludes that because single ingredient, frozen fruit or vegetable products are nutritionally comparable to the raw versions, they would likely have the same inherent beneficial effects as the raw version.”

Rader Farms starts with the choicest whole berries, picked at full ripeness. Within hours, they are flash-frozen “individually” in a quick freeze tunnel at temperatures between -5° to -10° Fahrenheit (-20-23° Celsius). This “quick freezing” seals in juices, maintains the original shape of each berry, and captures important nutrients. Rader Farms’ IQF berries are packed in poly bags and sealed in corrugated fiber cartons. This ensures that each IQF fresh frozen berry is protected from damage or shipping shock..

Frozen Berries are More Convenient.

Frozen berries offer great value by giving busy consumers control of their food planning. They can use just what they want and keep the remaining product frozen.

Freezing is Safer.

In addition to providing convenience, new freezing technology might also promote food safety. According to a report published January 15, 2004, in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, modern freezing technology can kill or reduce potentially harmful microbes.

Frozen Berries Don’t Require Special Care.

Unlike frozen berries, fresh berries are highly perishable and should be used within one to two days after picking or purchasing to ensure the best flavor, appearance and nutrient content. Frozen berries have these precious nutrients locked tightly inside. A container of frozen berries can be opened and resealed without losing the quality or nutrients.

The Juiciest Reason to Go Frozen!

Frozen berries are harvested at the peak of ripeness and are simply the juiciest and sweetest berries available.